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Dear Diary...

I am trying to write my ass down here since my teenage which ended up in different diaries , but then I stopped myself thinking , to be a good writer , you could have done your grad in English Lit for you to have those sophisticated words or Vocabulary , then I thought Fuck off who cares about how you talk or what kind of words you use to just pen down what you think or how you feel , its all about yourself everywhere .... and to be honest , Females can be a good writers as they have good imagination skills , well at least I have .... because that's what I have done in my entire life , living in the fantasy world.

When I completed my schooling I was quiet sure of not scoring good enough to satisfy my dear dad who was a big time Adolf Hitler , I still remember him waking me up whenever he use to get up to Pee and then what you see , its just 3.00 am . I just hated my School days literally .... I wanted to get into Arts , but my lovable father had his own different theory on education , he wanted me to opt for Commerce. According to him :

Arts is for rich

Science is for Intelligent

Commerce is for who is not rich nor intelligent , at least you could end up getting a job of a Clerk ...... well please don't mind guys let me be very specific it is absolutely not true .

Well , here Iam trying to prove myself since last 20 years ... What the

hell am I doing ? I don't have any idea , Iam in 30's married with a kid and a so called consultant Freelancer , well yes , in short have ended up being full time maid , Nani , tutor ,cook , well all these is my day time job, at night I have to look sexy too ...you know what I meant .

So this is actually for all the female out there who is going through the same situation ,All have their own stories but you don't have anyone to listen ... so here I am Relatably Female to your rescue .

So guys this blog I am into is talking about different thoughts ,stories or whatever you ask for ... we should share, just get things out of your chest , no one is going to judge you here .

Pls comment below on any content you would like to read on or would like to in my next story ... Keep blogging


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