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“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment “

-William Penn

Ok , by this line it shows that this is all about on your weight you have been carrying since ages may be? .. Well I am … I have been carrying my 70 Kgs since my son was born, almost 8 years.

I tried everything I could in my diet, well I am pure non-veg so Ghas -pus is not my thing at all , I have tried skipping my food in between but munching on other stuffs was always ON . I purely don’t believe in getting into those Gym , it was strict “No” for me since I know if I give my body that kind of struggle it will get used to it , that’s my Husbands theory , which I totally agree

because we cannot take this gym everywhere if you are on vacation . I tried Zumba which is fun , but I always needed one partner for me to enjoy more , so I ended leaving that as well … and then what my weight was still the same ..

Now here comes my Knight in shining Armour ,my friend , we used to be like big time bitches , trust me during office hours … that was so much fun, I missed those days … Ok to the point now .

She completely changed my mind and asked me to do Dixit Diet which is quiet trending these days or you can say intermediate Fasting.

I have only 2 meals a day , first complete meal at 11.00 am and the other by 6.00 Pm , that is it guys .. You are done …


1. you can eat anything with no restrictions within 55 mins

2. Walk 45min daily

And after so many years of different non science experiments, I could see that stick of my weighing machine is come down to 68kgs ….

Feels light

No Bloating

No acidity

Feels Confident

Clear Skin

Change in eating habits

And I have not been walking or exercising since lockdown , which means I could have reduced more …

So this have totally worked for me and I guess it will work for most of them .


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